Bitmain ANTBOX N5 SE | For Antminers S19/S17 Series


Bitmain ANTBOX N5 SE | For Antminers S19/S17 Series

Product description Specifications
Version ANTBOX N5 SE
Overall dimensions (L,W, H) (mm) 6058*2438*2896
Miner capacity 19/17 series miner is 180 units
Container certification China Classification Society Certification
Safety certificate PDUs, cables, switches, network cables, etc are certified by UL/CUL.
Operating power (KW) 658
Voltage Input and frequency 380V~415V AC 50~60HZ

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Bitmain ANTBOX N5 | For Antminers S19/S17 Series – 180 Units

Bitmain ANTBOX N5

ANTBOX N5 SE is a product with high technology standards. It can bring great convenience to massive mining. | Antbox N5 SE from Bitmain

Minable Miners: Antminer S19 Series, Antminer S17 Series, ANtminer S9 Series, Antminer S15 Series, Antminer S17/T17 Series
Detailed specifications Specifications
Overall weight (ton, excluding miner) 3.2
Single PDU rated cuِrrent (A) 31
Single unit rated current (A) 18
Single socket rated current (A) 9
Snow load (KN/㎡) 3.5
Mobile Mining Farm For Antminer S17 Series S9 Bitmain Antbox
Configuration QTY
PDU 30
Miner power cable 360
Network Switch 15
Network cable 180
Rack 3
Water curtain 2

Processing and Shipping Time

Free shipping worldwide. All orders will be dispatched as per delivery batch in order. Machine will be ship in 48 hours on delivery date from our Mining Electro AB warehouse, in case of bulk order we may take a day or two to ship the product via (DHL Express/ UPS/ ARAMEX/ EMS) after a full payment of the order has been verified (Payments via Bitcoin take from a few minutes to a few hours to be confirmed and verified).

International delivery usually takes about 5-8 business days.


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